Peach + Burrata Salad | GF

Peach + Burrata Salad | GF

Nothing like a real good peach – am I rite? Wow. C’est magnifique. When peaches come into season in Ontario we must make deelicious things with them because they deserve to be celebrated. My go to move is to include them in savoury dishes. Because sweet + salty =

This salad is a classic and there are many variations and spins offs. This is my spin. And feel free to tweak to make your spin! You can make this vegetarian by skipping the prosciutto, you could add some beautiful heirloom tomatoes as a great substitute! Trying to avoid carbs? Skip the croutons. Although the croutons are a real delight. I like to shovel the burrata into my mouth with them, but perhaps I should keep that to myself.

Make, enjoy, repeat, until there are no more peaches.

What I use: (Note: I did not include amounts – you can really improvise and adjust, making a large group salad or even an individual size. The ingredients are more important than ratios / amounts here)

  • Good in season peaches
  • Prosciutto
  • Burrata (could substitute with other soft cheeses like buffalo mozzarella, but if you can find Burrata I highly recommend!)
  • Fresh basil
  • Couple slices of GF bread (I think Glutino’s English Muffins work GREAT for croutons) *Note: feel free to use regular bread if you don’t follow a gf diet. Day old stale bread works the best.
  • Dried oregano
  • Garlic powder
  • Balsamic reduction (you can buy this, you can also make this)
  • Some good olive oil
  • SALT 🙂 (Maldon / flakey finishing salt is best!)

What I do:

  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (this will be for croutons)
  2. Heat grill pan (or bbq if you have one – jealous!!) to medium heat and lightly rub with oil (I use a heavy cast iron grill, but if you are using bbq just make sure you have a grill basket or something so peaches don’t fall through the cracks. RIP peaches). You can also skip grilling all together and just serve it fresh! But I like the aspect of caramalization and how the heat brings out the sweetness even more.
  3. Core and slice peaches into 3/4 inch pieces. Grill peaches just till you see some nice marks, you don’t want them to become mush so don’t over do it.
  4. Cut your bread of choice into nice big chunks, toss with oil, lots of salt, a little dried oregano and garlic powder. Lay out on sheet tray and toast in oven till golden brown – about 5-10 minutes.
  5. Assemble salad: lay out the grilled peaches, torn pieces of prosciutto, the crispy croutons and some nice generous dollops of burrata (the soft center part – R U kidding meeee brb drooling). Top with fresh basil leaves, and drizzle of olive oil and balsamic reduction.
  6. Pro tip: season the burrata with salt. Its actually not that salty of a cheese so this makes the flavour go boom boom.

This salad is so pretty, but it only takes like 20 minutes tops to make. So make this for your friends and fam and people will be like omg you are so impressive wow!!

Have fun and enjoy!! xoxoxox Dee

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